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At ELM Digital, we design and develop innovative, bespoke web applications tailored to suit our clients needs.

Our team has expert working knowledge of the latest technologies available to create dynamic, complex and scalable web applications. We strive to understand the needs of our clients to develop tools that increase their productivity and perform complex business tasks.

ELM Digital designs and develops great web applications. Our team has expert working knowledge of the latest technologies available to create modern and powerful websites. At ELM Digital, we strive to understand the needs of our clients to develop the website or web solution that best fits your needs.

Web applications

We design web applications that are


Design of complex and scalable web applications using an agile approach to fit constantly evolving needs.


Easy to use and intuitive for users of all levels.


Connection with public APIs such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc, or in-house software that you may be using.


Use of the latest security standards for encryption and databases to protect your data.




LYNX is a secure virtual communication platform, allowing our clients to engage and collaborate with advisors around the globe. Our clients can contact advisors from a distance, ensuring constant, secure communication between live meetings. Advisors can view, comment and vote on questions and discussions to provide quick feedback, as well as in-depth review of posted materials.

We and our clients are successfully using LYNX with key medical experts to continue to discuss topics after advisory board meetings, to collaboratively develop manuscripts for peer-review publication, and to discuss current events in their field of expertise, for example, the approval of a new drug or publication of important new data.



ORION is a proprietary, bespoke, engagement tracking platform. ORION allows our clients to track participation at all types of events, store meeting reports and records, with a web-based portal that allows access to this information around the globe. With ORION, our clients can quickly see an overall view of expert engagement over a given timeframe, with detailed information in the background.

Our clients can give varied levels of access to ORION across their organisations, allowing different team members to add, edit, and view the information in ORION. ORION also ensures institutional memory on expert engagements, providing a ready resource to new colleagues.



CHIRON is a secure, completely flexible online learning platform, used by clients to communicate their core scientific story. Designed to allow a completely flexible learning environment with use of audio, slides and video, CHIRON allows you to quickly develop and update your scientific platform as new data emerges. CHIRON can be considered a living resource, with new advances and updates in the therapeutic area being used to keep the platform up-to-date.

This platform is designed to be used by all internal stakeholders as the backbone of scientific communications and a starting point for disease state campaigns.



Cytokine Signalling Forum (CSF)

CSF is a free educational learning platform providing the latest development in cytokine signalling science to over 16,000 rheumatologists worldwide. Since its inception in 2014, CSF has won multiple awards for both quality of content and design. The main features include: accredited virtual lecture courses, monthly publication reviews, regular podcasts, and highlights of the major rheumatology congresses.

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