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ELM Digital designs and develops great web applications. Our team has expert working knowledge of the latest technologies available to create modern and powerful websites. At ELM Digital, we strive to understand the needs of our clients to develop the website or web solution that best fits your needs.

ELM Digital have worked with a wide variety of clients, from very small companies that need a simple online presence, to large organisations that are looking for modern and complex web applications. At ELM Digital, we truly enjoy working on a wide variety of projects and with varied clients – no challenge is too complex or too small.

Our services

Software and application design

Design of modern and responsive websites

Website optimisation

Website hosting and administration support

Sample projects



LYNX is a proprietary online platform that allows our clients to globally connect and discuss issues with groups of advisors. We believe that face-to-face interactions are important, but there are times that you may want to ask follow up, or completely new questions of your advisors. LYNX facilitates this virtual discussion.

LYNX allows our clients to ask these questions with others able to monitor the answers and record when questions are complete. Our clients can compile answers to their questions in a group format and record them in a secure online system.



ORION is a proprietary, custom online opinion leader interaction tracker tailored to the needs of our clients.

Named after the mythological Greek hunter amongst the stars, ORION allows you to locate all opinion leaders in your targeted therapeutic area and track your contact with them throughout each year. ORION also has the ability to set targets and goals for your team to ensure each opinion leader is contacted in sufficient amounts throughout the year.

Using ORION allows you to centrally and securely store all contact information for each targeted advisor so all employees with logins will always have access to any contact information they need.


Cytokine Signalling Forum

Site developed by ELM Digital for CESAS Medical

The Cytokine Signalling Forum (CSF) is an educational website developed under the auspices of the University of Glasgow and is dedicated to the dissemination of the latest developments in cytokine signalling. CSF provides continuing medical education to clinicians around the globe to facilitate greater understanding of the science of cytokines and cytokine signalling, and its implications for clinical practice.

CSF boasts over 16,000 rheumatology users receiving high quality education in an optimised responsive web setting. The website has won mutiple awards for being modern, responsive, and proving great content. CSF provides interactive CME courses with assessments and certification approved by EACCME, podcasts and newsletter services. Translations are also available.

More Than Rugby


Rugby World Cup Legacy Group created #MoreThanRugby to help rugby clubs harness social media

Website created and hosted by ELM Digital


  • Fully responsive website hosted resources and training videos
  • Manage mailing lists and training dates organiser
  • Twitter and Facebook feeds and Integration of Facebook photo albums
  • Linked with Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, MailJet and Google Drive

Medical Congress

Medical Congress

Platform Website to host your information for upcoming congresses

  • Download documents on your symposiums
  • Add to calendar feature
  • Mailing facilities
  • System linked with GoogleDrive
  • Fully Responsive

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