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ELM Group assembles a world-class group of experts to deliver high quality programmes for our clients. Within ELM Group, our companies work with shared values and philosophies to develop solutions for our clients, expanding on their ideas to maximise the potential of their products and services.

ELM Group offers marketing, communication, and digital web solutions, as well as creating award winning medical education courses, events, and training and development programmes. Our experience and personable relationships enable us to work with both multi-national companies such as Pfizer, BioMarin, Lilly and AbbVie, along with Britain’s largest coffee chain as well as smaller, more targeted businesses including Premiership Rugby Clubs and Stafford Town Partnership. We also lend our expertise to local groups including Stafford Town Centre Partnership and Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.

Whether you want a creative digital solution, unique medical education programme, or an inspiring training programme, ELM Group has a solution for you.

ELM Group is headquartered in Stafford, in the heart to Staffordshire and at the centre of England. Staffordshire has a long history of creativity and innovation from being the home to the great pottery companies like Wedgewood and Royal Dalton, breweries like Marstons, and global brands like JCB and Marmite! ELM is inspired by these great innovators to bring its own innovations into the fields we work in.

From our base in the historical Gothic Cottage along with an office in Philadelphia, USA, we are connected to the world. We serve clients in San Francisco, New York, Dublin, Madrid, Amsterdam and London. In 2020, we collaborated with institutions in all corners of the world from Tokyo to Brisbane, Oregon, Dallas, Berlin, Malmo, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro as well as London, Leeds and Glasgow. Our programmes were enjoyed by physicians in over 100 countries around the world.

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Gothic Cottage, White Lion St
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