Our online ‘Forums’ employ Steering Committees of global specialists to develop and curate cutting-edge educational materials in their fields. This content encompasses slide summaries of pivotal publications, podcasts featuring Steering Committee members’ insights on recent research, and comprehensive coverage of the latest data from international congresses.


Bringing together world experts to present in an academic led symposium provides the optimal balance of quality and independence. This is what CESAS delivers.

Our unique structure, with programmes delivered under the auspices of leading universities, gives you the confidence of delivering to the highest quality. We can manage every step of the way – or if you have a slot already, we can develop a programme for you.

Let CESAS organise your next symposium and see the difference that an independent programme brings.


Our publication summaries are a great way for busy clinicians to stay on top of the latest developments in their scientific fields. Each month our expert Steering Committees select the most important publications in their disease areas and we develop summary slide decks. All our summaries are reviewed and approved by the steering committees to ensure that they accurately capture and convey all the key data and messages you need.

Medical Societies / Conferences

The European Achondroplasia Forum (EAF) is a network of specialists in achondroplasia management. CESAS Medical has supported the EAF in the development of consensus-based guiding principles for care of people with this rare condition.

In 2023, CESAS Medical supported the EAF in hosting its inaugural conference, which was also the first ever conference dedicated to achondroplasia in Europe. From content development through to logistics, CESAS provided comprehensive support to ensure this event was a complete success.

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