We help you identify and connect with the experts in a specified medical field or region.

Seeking the brightest minds in the world, we identify KOLs by using information shared by clients, disease area market research, desk-based literature search, key congress programme reviews and social media searches We can organise meetings to discuss the wider aspects of the field e.g., patient groups, key trial centres, KOLs, and guidelines.

Our findings are then developed into a comprehensive report, stored on our bespoke ORION system to help form the basis for programme development and delivery.

KOL Development

Working with the world’s leading experts is at the core of our programmes. Our decades of experience mean we can identify, map and engage with the key academics to support your programmes.

Using a blend of approaches, we can identify KOLs as potential advisors, program faculty or for other initiatives to suit our client’s needs. Our expertise and professional services ensure experts want to continue collaborating as products and programmes develop.

Through our proprietary platform ORION (see Products for more details), we ensure all of these programmes minutes and presentations are accessible by the client as a lasting reference resource.

Strategic Planning

ELM Medical specializes in hosting customised meetings and workshops tailored to your drug development needs. Our experienced team ensures productive sessions that align with your goals.

You will benefit from engaging discussions, brainstorming, and strategic decision-making. With extensive industry knowledge and experience, our focused approach optimises your drug development process.

Trust ELM Medical to provide the expertise and support you need for successful outcomes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Integrated Evidence Planning

Aligning across functions and regions on the evidence needed to maximise the potential of products is key to optimising the use of resources and ensuring consistent messaging.

At ELM Medical we have developed dynamic processes to align with what?? and develop a concise document that outlines the existing and planned evidence required throughout a product’s lifecycle. The IEP evolves as study concepts are finalised and the competitive landscape changes. It provides a clear roadmap with plans and timelines to close information gaps and is structured around themes and product milestones.

Our unique experience across therapy development, life cycle management and different regions ensures we have the experience to deliver.

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