Our “.expert” Platform

Given the importance of a presence online, the .expert websites provide HCPs with an array of easy to access educational resources aimed at helping to improve patient outcomes. Each site offers modules including monthly publication reviews, congress highlights, live webinars, podcasts and other resources. Content is overseen by world-renowned Steering Committees to ensure relevance to the membership. Membership engagement is tracked and reported through a range of site metrics to ensure accountability.

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LYNX is a secure virtual communication platform, allowing our clients to engage and collaborate with advisors around the globe. Our clients can contact advisors from a distance, ensuring constant, secure communication between live meetings. Advisors can view, comment and vote on questions and discussions to provide quick feedback, as well as in-depth review of posted materials.

We and our clients successfully use LYNX with key medical experts to continue to discuss topics after advisory board meetings, to collaboratively develop manuscripts for peer-review publication, and to discuss current events in their field of expertise, for example, the approval of a new drug or publication of important new data.


ORION is a proprietary, bespoke, engagement tracking platform. ORION allows our clients to track participation at all types of event, store meeting reports and records, and has a web-based portal that allows access to this information from around the globe.

With ORION, our clients can view the level of expert engagement over a given timeframe. ORION allows for varied levels of access across an organisation, permitting different team members to add, edit, and/or view the information in ORION. ORION also ensures institutional memory on expert engagements, providing a ready resource to new colleagues.

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